Maestrini: Sports in the heart. Because we have always been sport persons, it is an absolute honour for us to sponsor our local football team and give boys and girls the opportunity to spend time outdoor.

Maestrini: Sports in the heart:

Young people are our future, and playing sports improves self-esteem and during adolescence is most important for the physical and mental development of children. Young people represent the future. Sport practice encourages self-esteem. Participation in sports during adolescence is very important, because it is associated with better physical and mental health:


In addition to producing fittings, nautical accessories, valves and sea intakes, our company is committed to helping the most vulnerable people in our society. And our efforts were directed toward helping to build 2 vehicles for the services of the disabled. Since 2016 we contributed to the purchase of two vehicles for taking disabled people We are happy since 2016, to be by the side of ns Mountain Community which is always concerned with helping the most vulnerable people. These aids open our hearts toward those most in need, and we always make ourselves available in our own small way to help them.


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