“There’s no substitute for nature.”
Commitment to the environment has always been our deepest belief, and today more than ever we believe
that values must be translated into concrete actions.
We live in a beautiful place, surrounded by nature and mountains
our lives since childhood so much so that, for those born in Valsesia, seeing
seeing the world from above is almost a physical need. The river Sesia, from which
which the valley derives its name, and the nearby lakes Orta and Maggiore are important
water sources, a natural heritage to preserve and protect. That’s why in June
2022 we joined the Ecomuseum of Lake Orta and Mottarone in the
“Lake Contract for Cusio”.
We want to be not just a support, but also an example
for our employees and for other companies, thus be part of an
active movement.

What is a “Lake Contract”?
The “Lake Contract for Cusio” is a project born to bring together various subjects,
municipalities, private companies, associations and citizens,
that all agree to achieve common targets of safeguarding of the territory, in its broadest sense.
Like all river or lake contracts, it constitutes a working method
for the integrated and participatory management
of water resources.
The “Lake Contract for Cusio” draws energy directly from its subscribers who,
their individual actions, collectively agreed
ensure that the environmental issues (and not only) of the territory are addressed
addressed with the necessary attention,
Sustainable and sustainable development that respects the commitment to the environment.
Since early 1900s Lake Orta
has been severely affected by industrial pollution
that altered and almost completely destroyed the lake ecosystem. Industrial wastes caused progressive water acidification
acidification and increased concentration
of heavy metals
After an intensive multi-year study,
the lake was limed in 1989 and 1990, in order to neutralize the pH
and precipitate the heavy metals This intervention, together with the collection
of the industrial and civil wastes, has allowed to restore
a good chemical quality of the lake water and to recover the ecosystem. This restoration programme is still today
the largest lake recovery effort in the world.


We believe that in a modern company attention to the environment must
embrace various aspects

Our sense of responsibility towards the territory leads us, on the one hand,
to take all steps to make the production process (life
of the company!) respectful of the surrounding environment and,
on the other hand, to pay attention and actively participate in those initiatives aimed to raise
awareness about environmental protection issues
and remedy man-made damage.
No less important is the attention to the potential
potential impact of the products we place on the market and
their influence on people’s lives.
For those like us who have always worked with copper alloys, sustainability
is embodied in our daily commitment and reality rather than being a goal.
The copper recycling process is highly efficient;
; it is estimated that only 0.5% of all the copper used is absolutely unrecoverable.
80% of all the copper mined in the history of mankind
still in use in various forms. As for the quality of the material obtained
from recycling, recycled copper has the same chemical,
Therefore it isn’t subject to any limitations of use or decrease in value.
The energy savings that derive from bypassing
the extraction and refining processes
must also be considered
Having a long industrial history behind us, it seemed natural to us
to address the approach to the use of plastic materials
with a view to optimally grasp and harmonize the most advantageous aspects of both traditional
and innovative materials No revolution in sight therefore
but a conscious and careful use of plastic materials, convinced
that progress does not imply the search for novelty as an end in itself, but
consists in making better products from all points of view,
always looking for the best performance in complete safety
and with an eye to sustainability.


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